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            Services + Repair

            Expert services to keep you running at your best

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            Construction Gears
            Services + Repair

            Quality Performance, Operation, and Testing on ALL Repairs & Rebuilds

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            Construction Gears
            Services + Repair

            Full-Service Repair Shop Located in West Columbia

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            Construction Gears
            Services + Repair

            Clean, High-Quality Paint, Welding & Fabrication work

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            Construction Gears

            We're Here For You

            Whether you purchase a Cat? or another brand machine, you're investing in the toughest equipment on the market today. Blanchard Machinery wants to make sure your purchase delivers the same performance and reliability year after year. We are proud to back up everything we sell with expert service to keep you running at your best. Our repair specialists are standing by to assist your team with service and repair—whenever you need it.

            We offer all our customers various services including:

            • Align Boring
            • Component Rebuild
            • Hose Repair
            • Hydraulic Repair
            • Paint Work
            • Track & Undercarriage Inspections
            • Welding & Fabrication

            Align Boring

            Blanchard offers the capability of repairing damaged bores from 1.250" to 30". Our technicians can repair the damaged bore back to specifications. Components such as frames, buckets, equalizer bars, Z-bars, and tilt links are candidates for this repair.

            We offer five portable align boring and bore welding machines throughout the state, and two fully equipped trucks with professionals trained to handle all your machining, welding and fabricating needs.

            Component Rebuild

            From minor overhauls to entire engine rebuilds, from torque converters to transmissions, our Component Rebuild services offer maximum value with minimum downtime.

            Each repair or rebuild is performed meeting exact Caterpillar? reuse guidelines and specifications. All engines are dynamometer tested and all rebuilt transmissions are performance verified on our transmission test bench, assuring you the correct performance, quality and operation for years to come.

            Hose Repair

            Blanchard Hydraulic Hose Shops have the tooling and expertise to build almost any hose assembly you'll need-- on the spot. In fact, we can usually have it ready in 30 minutes or less, making Blanchard a one-stop shop for replacement hoses for any brand of machine.

            Hydraulic Repair

            Our full-service Hydraulic Repair Shops allow us to work on almost any cylinder from any machine. Our in-house capabilities include disassembly and assembly, inspection, resealing, honing, washing, rerodding, retubing, and testing.

            Blanchard Machinery also offers Cat? Certified Hydraulic Rebuilds! Consider a Hydraulic Rebuild when:

            • When hydraulic/hystat systems need rebuilt, but the rest of the machine is running strong
            • Out-of-spec hydraulics hurt production and fuel consumption
            • Full system approach restores complete hydraulic & hydrostatic drive systems to like-new performance, reliability and durability – all at one time
            • Avoids expense and downtime of "chasing" problems through the system one repair at a time
            • Restores all "wet" hydraulic/hystat components: pumps, motors, valves, accumulators, hoses, tubes, tanks, coolers and cylinders
            • Assembled and tested to Cat? cleanliness and performance specs
            • Critical engineering updates are included
            • Equipment Protection Plans can extend coverage beyond the Cat? parts warranty


            Blanchard Machinery offers two modern and environmentally safe HVLP (High Volume/Low Pressure) paint booths at our Paint Service facility, centrally located in Columbia, SC. Our paint technicians have many years of experience in painting and sandblasting. Blanchard Machinery is proud to offer our customers fast, clean, efficient, high-quality paint work for all makes and models of equipment either trucks, industrial equipment, and engines. We can do it all.

            Track & Undercarriage

            Blanchard Machinery can help you manage your undercarriage on all tracked machines-- both Cat? and non-Cat. Our Product Support Specialists have the expertise and tooling to perform on-site undercarriage inspections and measurements to help predict undercarriage life. They can provide specific recommendations for maintenance and changes that will ensure the longest possible undercarriage life and lowest cost per unit of work for you.

            We offer repair services for Cat? and non-Cat track systems, including complete rebuild capabilities for links, rollers, idlers and other track components. Our track presses, combined with hydraulic torque wrenches, allow us to perform all track maintenance correctly to any manufacturers' specifications.

            Welding & Fabrication

            Throughout the life of a machine, incidents can occur damaging components such as engine blocks, large castings, axles, pivot shafts, and drums. In the past these components would have been considered unrepairable. Not any more. Through welding and machining techniques, damaged engine blocks, large castings, axles, pivot shafts (up to 12' in length) and drums can be built back up and machined to exact specifications. Due to our customers' need for flexible services, we offer welding and fabrication services in the field for on-site repairs and modifications to any make or model machine.

            • Undercarriage fabrications
            • Land clearing protective screening
            • Radiator guards
            • Engine enclosures
            • Dozer blade over spill racks