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            Support Solutions

            Equipment Management We know Cat? machines. You know your industry. Together, our Product Support Specialists will assist you with ways to manage your equipment equipment, lower your operating costs, and prevent costly repairs.

            Some of our Equipment Management offerings include: Service Information System (SIS) Web, Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS), VisionLink, Myblanchard.com

            Maintenance & Repair Contracts Our customizable Maintenance & Repair Contracts take into account your specific machine, your work environment, and your company's needs to create a contract that lets you know your maintenance and repair costs at the outset. We build that amount into your monthly payment, and best of all, we guarantee that it will stay constant for the life of your agreement.

            Technology Solutions Blanchard equipment provides you with cutting-edge technologies that that let you complete your work with precision and excellence every time to maximize profits by working smarter, not harder.

            Our Tech Solutions Include: Product Link / VisionLink, Machine Security System (MSS), Machine Control & Guidance, GPS / Trimble Systems

            Rental Renting equipment is a cost-effective alternative to owning, and the rental company you choose factors into your profitability. At Blanchard, we offer a full range of Cat? and other brand-name equipment and generators, plus specialized tooling for your specific job needs.

            Power Generation Blanchard Power Systems supports South Carolina contractors, engineers and end-users by supplying industry leading Caterpillar? Generators and Electric Power solutions through customized engineering, packaging and testing.

            Green Solutions at Blanchard In addition to providing you and your business with top-quality products and unbeatable service and support, we at Blanchard are committed to helping minimize our industry's environmental impact. Our innovative uses of green technology let you complete your work efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.

            Our Green Solutions include: DPF Cleaning, EPA Tier IV Certified Engines, Recycling / Biomass, Landfill & Biogas Gas

            Financing Blanchard Machinery offers a wide variety of financing solutions. We do our best to help you manage the financing of your operation—whether for one machine or a whole fleet—in a way that makes the best financial sense for you.

            Explore our Financing Options: Electronic Invoicing, In-House Financing, Cat? Commercial Account

            International Details regarding International will be coming soon.

            View Our Resume At Blanchard, we extend our legendary customer service to major construction projects in addition to individual customers. No project is too large or too remote for Blanchard to accommodate—read on for an idea of what we've helped people accomplish in the past.

            Featured Projects: Ridgeway Gold Mine, Bad Creek Dam, Federal Prisons in Williamsburg and Marlboro Counties